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Hands-on Engagement 

preInvestment Stages


Our Hands on engagement starts here

Proof of Value
Market Fit
Proof of concept
Leverage Global Network to create Deal Flow
Screen deals based on Investment Thesis
Arrange Investment Syndicate
Negotiate the Term Sheet
Join the Team
Live Due Diligence
Deal Execution
Aerial View of Containers

postInvestment Stages

Leadership Focus: Purpose, Strategy, Execution
Improve Product/
Market Fit
Leverage data: Adapt product for new use cases
Enter new verticals
Shift focus to EBIT
Arrange follow-on investment
Secure Institutional and Strategic Investors
Line up the right buyer at the right price
IPO, Trade or PE sale @ >10X
Global Sales Traction
Exponential User > Data > Product > Revenue Growth
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The Rolling Fund

In a Rolling Fund, LPs subscribe to our deal flow with a quarterly capital commitment. Similar to a traditional fund, a Rolling Fund:

· Is a blind pool with the ability to make quick and precise commitments to invest in fast-moving deals.

· Has a fund-wide (crossed) carry over an LPs total quarterly subscription period (not per-deal like Syndicates). 


Unlike a traditional fund:

· LPs can change capital commitments every quarter. 

· can raise money incrementally, one investor at a time, rather than having to focus 100% on fundraising, then 100% on investing.


The net benefit is that:

· LPs can raise or lower capital commitments depending on financial position and desired risk exposure.

· Fundraising and investing simultaneously is a much more efficient use of our time and ensures that we don’t miss out on deals due to poor timing.


All initial on-thesis deals will be made via the Rolling Fund, committed capital permitting. In cases where the investment allocation in a specific deal exceeds the Quarterly Rolling Fund’s investment appetite, investors (who may or may not be Rolling Fund LPs) may be given the opportunity to invest in specific deals through the Syndicate. Rolling Fund LPs will be notified of such cases in advance, and will be able to e.g. increase their commitment to the Quarterly Rolling Fund (so as to increase the investment appetite), or invest through the Syndicate.

The Syndicate

>50% of Syndicate investors have senior leadership experience at Logistics giants such as Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, DSV and Flexport.

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