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The Next Investment Frontier

Global Trade

Backbone on the Global Economy


Massive Impact & Investment Potential 

TAM of $10 trillion
Estimated 12% of GWP

Image by NASA

LogTech: a $33 billion Venture Capital Market

Labor, Capital & Energy Intensive
with poor utilization


Sustainable Development Challenges


Highly Fragmented
with a long tail of hard to serve small customers

Digitised but not Digitalised
Inefficiency & Poor Quality

Image by fabio

Customer & Employee Experience Challenges

Now a top C Suite Priority

A Perfect Storm of Trends and Shocks

Supply is Down

Low inventories from decades of "just-in-time" cost cutting

War & sanctions

Demand is Up

Covid 19 (eCommerce) demand boom

Limited post-crisis investment in logistics assets & processes

Historically Poor Reliability & High Price Volatility

Inventory restocking pressure as global supply chains fail

Covid 19 labour shortages & infrastructure closures

Re-routing due to congestion at key bottlenecks

Undergoing a Digital Transformation

Driving Innovation, Trade and Economic & Human Development 

Logistics is at the Start of a Technological Paradigm Shift

  • from Digital Apps & Data Silos

  • to Digitalized & Networked Operating Systems


Big Data

Cloud Computing

Internet Of Things

Never a better time to invest in Digital Trade Enablers

Technology Startups & Scaleups that Develop & Employ B2B Logtech

Making it easier to solve complex Systemic Logistical Problems

Improve Labor Productivity, Asset Utilization & Fuel Efficiency

Democratize Technology to Serve the Long Tail

Enhance Customer & Employee Experience

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